Innovaccer Inc.: InConnect

Automated, analytics-driven patient engagement solution to scale patient outreach workflows.


InConnect is a one-stop patient engagement solution for providers that are aimed at eliminating communication hurdles between patients and providers and streamlining the care delivery experience for both the stakeholders. With this revolutionary product, care teams can ensure that they are always connected with their populations, and further see to it that there are no care gaps across the continuum. Patients can leverage the cutting-edge benefits of InConnect via the state-of-art mobile app or through their regular internet browsers.

Some of the major highlights of the product include:

– Care providers can send or schedule bulk SMS and mailer reach-out campaigns with few clicks.

– Care providers can also send automated PHI-secured reminders through curated messages, voice calls, emails, and calendar reminders.

– The Primary Care Physician (PCP) can text, call, or video chat with the patient to increase patient awareness and engage them more in their care journeys.

– Care managers can send health surveys and receive responses within the mobile app.

– Care teams can develop and upload personalized education material for patients. Likewise, patients can also upload, download, and send attachments in different formats.

– Patients can request rides and can also book and pay for appointments through the app. Patients can also request for getting their medications refilled through the app.

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About the Provider:

Innovaccer is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to accelerating innovation in healthcare. Innovaccer is on a mission to connect and curate the world’s healthcare information to make it accessible and useful. With Innovaccer, everyone works in the service of patients like never before, as one.

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