Innovaccer Inc.: Data Activation Platform

A smart platform with unified patient records, analytics & decision support tools for healthcare.


Data Activation Platform, an intelligent platform with unified patient records, analytics, and decision support tools for healthcare use, helps healthcare providers and payers enable transparent, real-time, and collaborative care delivery. By assisting customers to obtain a complete picture through the unified patient records, then activating the data for smart analytics and decision support, Innovaccer provides care teams with the crucial information they need to provide better care. Using DAP, Innovaccer unifies patient records and leverages AI and analytics to automate routine workflows and reduce manual overheads to facilitate more patient-centered care.

Product Feature:
– FHIR servers – HL7 FHIR®-compliant RESTful APIs with parsers for HL7, CDA, X12, XML, fixed-width (CCLF) to leverage clinical, financial & administrative data

– API gateways – Complete control of your platform through an intuitive administration interface including usage monitoring, traffic management, and IPs prevention

– FHIR applications – The most advanced FHIR applications to engage all stakeholders— provider network, members, employers, and payer team members

– Enterprise-grade security – Fulfills network security, authentication and authorization, ACL, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements with years of maturity

– Full-feature analytics suite – Activated data leveraging highly customizable and extensible analytics and interactive dashboards, including pre-built views and measures engine

– Pre-built, rich integrations – One-click integrations with multiple applications and 65+ pre-built EMR connectors, enabling rapid speed to value.

Expected Workflow:
– Request access to this listing and an Innovaccer representative will reach out.
– Work with the Innovaccer team to create an account and connect your Snowflake instance.
– Begin your data activation!

About the Provider:

Innovaccer is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to accelerating innovation in healthcare. Innovaccer is on a mission to connect and curate the world’s healthcare information to make it accessible and useful. With Innovaccer, everyone works in the service of patients like never before, as one.

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