Infutor: Total Consumer Insights for Lifestyle

A snapshot of every adult individual and household in the US with 100s of demographic and behavioral signals.


Total Consumer Insights for Lifestyle contains current and robust profiles of adult individuals and households in the U.S. Standard permitted uses include a variety of marketing and analytics applications, creating campaigns from first-party data for deployment, and driving lookalike audience prospecting for new customer acquisition and deployment. Infutor segments corresponding to Total Consumer Insights for Lifestyle are also available for activation through a variety of industry-leading DMPs & DSPs.

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Fields Included:

Demographics Examples
– Estimated Income
– Marital Status
– Education
– Ethnicity
– Members in Household (seniors, children, single parents)
– Home Ownership (dwelling type, home value, age of home, pool, fireplace, length of residence)
– Geographic Demographics

Lifestyle Indicators Examples
– Interest in Apparel
– Interest in Beauty Products
– Interest in Boating/sailing
– Interest in Books
– Interest in Collectibles
– Interest in Cooking
– Interest in Crafts
– Interest in Culture Arts
– Interest in Antiques
– Interest in Opera
– Interest in Museums
– Interest in Theatre
– Interest in Health
– Interest in Fitness
– Interest in Music
– Interest in Photography
– Interest in Politics
– Interest in Pets
– Interest in Science
– Interest in Sports
– Interest in Travel

Lifestyle & Interest Propensities Examples
– Media Consumption
– Purchasing Propensities
– Charitable contributions

Connex Cluster Segments
Infutor’s Connex Audience Segmentation clusters bucket every US consumer household into 130 segments by identifying similar demographics, behaviors, attitudes, preferences, purchasing habits and media consumption. The clusters leverage more than 5,500 demographic, psychographic and geographic data points along with proprietary algorithms to group consumers into these unique segments.

Identity (not available for sample)
– Name
– Physical Address
– Exact Age & DOB
– Gender
– Telephone Number (up to 3 per household)


About the Provider:

Infutor has mastered the science of consumer identity management and identity resolution. With an unrivaled depth and breadth of accurate data permissibly obtained from the most authoritative sources, we deliver what brands need to know about consumers in real time to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions.

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