Infutor: Propensity Audience Clusters from Infutor Data Solutions

Consumer Clusters Reveal Audiences with a High-Propensity to Purchase Your Products


Consumer audience data clusters enable your marketing team to isolate qualified individuals who have a high propensity to purchase your products in the very near future.

Propensity data brings scale to identity and demographic variables, including buyer sentiments, lifestyles, wealth factors, and other indicators needed to truly identify the best customers for your current campaigns.

The benefit of these sophisticated data solutions is the ability to generate probability scores for subsets of data that:
· Prioritize customer segments to deliver marketing to the most responsive/productive clusters.
· Acquire new customers by targeting lookalikes of best-performing audience segments.
· Maximize conversions with personalized messaging and offers.
· Identify and target untapped markets with lookalike audiences.
· Convert highest-propensity prospects with campaigns delivered to their preferred channel.
· Cross-sell and up-sell complementary products/services based on consumer lifestyle traits.
· Reduce ad waste by gaining insights into consumers’ interests and needs.

Identity Key Field Names
– Persistent ID
– Household ID
– Address ID

Primary Identity
– Name
– Aliases
– Phones
– Emails

Digital Identity
– Hashed Email
– Mobile Ad ID
– IP Address

– Age
– Date of Birth
– Gender
– Income
– Marital Status
– Education Attained
– Homeowner
– Length of Residence
– Occupation
– Ethnicity
– Religion
– Language
– Children
– Location
– Household Income

Other Data Propensity Audiences and Cluster Segments
– Automotive Purchase Intent Audiences
– Audience Interests Taxonomy
– Household Clusters
– Life Stage Clusters
– Life Stage Groups
– Neighborhood Clusters
– Messaging Clusters
– 50 lifestyle and behavioral propensities across 86 categories that can be chosen from a variety of popular categories such as travel and entertainment, healthcare, political, technology, social media, and more.

About the Provider:

Infutor has mastered the science of consumer identity management and identity resolution. With an unrivaled depth and breadth of accurate data permissibly obtained from the most authoritative sources, we deliver what brands need to know about consumers in real time to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions.

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