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Identify the Best Prospective Borrowers Through Home Equity Data


Increasing value in home equity has created a wealth of opportunities for lenders throughout the U.S. market. Financial services marketers looking to gain an edge are in need of current and accurate home equity data that is combined with consumer identity data to target the most qualified borrowers with relevant messaging.

Infutor’s Home Equity Value solution enables marketing teams to leverage a powerful combination of consumer identity data, property data and advanced machine learning. With Infutor’s data, you can calculate home equity levels while understanding homeowner lifestyles, behaviors and propensity to buy through cost-effective non-regulated and non-credit data options.

Infutor’s Home Equity Value data solutions brings a host of features and benefits:
-Accurately Target and Convert Prospects with predictive models that leverage home sales data and property attributes such as home features, tax assessments and location, among others.
– Increase Online and Offline Marketing Reach by activating multi-channel audiences through robust identity data.
– Personalize Programs and Offers to engage and convert the right consumers in the right channels at the right time.
-Identify Best Audiences for product-specific cross-sell, up-sell and line extension strategies.
– Increase Customer Retention and Lifetime Value to establish sustainable business models built for growth.
Infutor bases its Home Equity Value solutions on unregulated and non-credit data to bring cost effective marketing capabilities, including:
– Targeted Acquisition to drive multi-channel targeting strategies using home equity value as an enhanced indicator for wealth and net worth.
– Retention, Cross-Selling and Lifetime Value to deliver personalized messaging and offers that engage customers in need of multiple products and services, as well as new or increased credit line extensions.
– Improved Intelligence and Consumer Insights to identify segments where home equity loans are likely needed, such as for college tuition, home renovations, debt consolidation and more.
– Data Science and Analytics to enable data science and advance analytics and modeling used to insert home equity data into first-party identity graphs or CRM systems.

Learn more from Infutor Data Solutions about how to leverage powerful, cost-effective home equity data in your marketing strategy.

Fields Include:
– Assessor’s Parcel Number
– Geographical location
– Home Equity Estimate
– Home Equity Confidence Level

About the Provider:

Infutor has mastered the science of consumer identity management and identity resolution. With an unrivaled depth and breadth of accurate data permissibly obtained from the most authoritative sources, we deliver what brands need to know about consumers in real time to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions.

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