InfoCentric: VicRoads – Crashes Last Five Years

Fatal and Injury crashes on Victorian roads during the latest five year reporting period.


Fatal and Injury crashes on Victorian roads during the latest five-year reporting period is a dataset produced by VicRoads (VicRoads is a State Government agency that owns, manages, and regulates the arterial road network in the state of Victoria, Australia).

This dataset consists of a single table:


This table allows users to analyze Victorian crash data based on key dimensions and metrics such as:

– date/time,
– location (lat/long),
– road conditions,
– crash type,
– road user type,
– object hit
– various injury metrics that quantify the accident

Example Use Case:

This dataset can be used in isolation to understand injury trends over time by location, injury type or conditions for the state of Victoria, Australia. The data can also be plotted on a map to show potential accident clusters and blackspots.

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