Improvado: Get All Your Marketing Data In One Place

Combine marketing data from over 200 sources


Eliminate hours of work and speed up analytics with Improvado. Connect all your advertising, CRM and email marketing data to Snowflake.

With Improvado, your team can answer the essential questions quickly, such as:
– How much are we spending on each marketing channel?
– Which channels are yielding the highest returns?
– What is our ROAS (return on ad spend) per campaign?
– How much are we spending on CAC (customer acquisition cost)?
– Which keywords, creatives, and campaigns are performing best?

Over 200 connectors available:
– Google Ads
– Facebook
– Instagram
– YouTube
– Unity Ads
– Criteo
– AdRoll
– Google Campaign Manager
– Display & Video 360
– Shopify
– Amazon Advertising
– Magento
– Sizmek
– Stripe
– Salesforce
– HubSpot
– Mailchimp
– Klaviyo
– Marketo
– Adjust
– AppsFlyer
– And many more

The full list of integrations is available on the website.

The data is available in two formats:
– raw data from platforms (as received from an API)
– normalized views using Marketing Common Data Model

Three steps to get your data:
– Contact us
– Connect your ad accounts to Improvado
– Your data delivered to a Snowflake instance

About the Provider:

Improvado is a marketing middleware company that aggregates and normalizes marketing data such as ad spend, social, SEO, CRM and email.

Enterprise companies like Asus, Ancestry, Illy, Wrike and AdRoll use Improvado as their main marketing middleware provider.

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