iKnowlogy: Collect Your Users’ Online Activity in Web & Mobile

A stream of events that are sent from your web pages, mobile apps or backend


Use the northDash client events pipeline to ingest your row-level user behavior data from online platforms (web pages and apps) to your Snowflake DWH.

Common use-cases for user-centric companies to ingest such data include traffic analytics, marketing attribution, AB testing, customer journey analysis, user behavior analysis, monitoring and numerous other BI use cases. Instead of relying on 3rd party analytics, collect your own data and be 100% flexible to build business data solutions with it.

The Pipeline is scalable and can withstand billions of monthly events. Events can be sent from your platform using our JS, iOS, Android SDK’s or with REST.

** Use raw online data from your digital assets to get the most precise and detailed view on your users or traffic and be able to know what actions they are performing. We will enrich your data with dimensions such as geographic location, browser, device and OS of the user. Consolidate your user data with spend data from marketing platforms on one side and with CRM / Billing or any other system on the other side to get a true 360 view of your visitors, users and customers.
** Add your own custom attributes to the events for a more personalized data set and links to other systems, for example: your customer_id, CMS attributes, AB test ID
** We support any scale of data. Pay per the number of events that you collect.
** You will get a Snowflake Share that includes a single table with the raw data that you sent to our pipeline. Data will be available continuously with just a short 1 minute delay from when it is sent.


About the Provider:

northDASH is a data pipeline product by iKnowlogy M.I. Ltd. Since, 2017 iKnowlogy has been a leading data solutions and BI development company for online data-driven user-centric companies that rely on their data for their day-to-day business operations. Our mission is to get business value out of data.


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