IdealRatings: IdealRatings ESG Data

Identify compliant instruments across asset classes that adhere to responsible investment parameters.


Perform relative and sector allocation analysis with ESG scores based on an aggregation methodology that takes sector materiality into account.

Expand your investable universe with extensive global coverage. Continuously monitor high risk instruments and find new companies with positive ESG performance.

IdealRatings’ proprietary ESG solution incorporates over 150 inputs to score the ESG performance of 34,000+ companies globally, including large, mid and small cap companies across developed, emerging and frontier markets.


About the Provider:

Founded in 2006 with a mission to help Socially Responsible Investors identify compliant instruments across different asset classes, IdealRatings Inc. has empowered capital markets stakeholders with unique screening solutions that offer insights of companies’ adherence to the Responsible Investment parameters. Headquartered in San Francisco and covering 40K+ companies globally, IdealRatings’s clients in 25+ countries have daily access to more than 10M data points.

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