Hyland Software, Inc.: OnBase Log Bundle

OnBase Logs from the Hyland Cloud


Every organization’s goal is to turn data into information and information into insights.

With the OnBase Log Bundle, gain access to log data for your solutions hosted in the Hyland Cloud. Log data for from your solutions can be leveraged for reporting, data visualization, analytics, and even complex machine learning and data-driven applications. These logs enable many use cases from everything including revenue generation, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring security, governance, and compliance.

With the OnBase Log Bundle you get access to three different logs:

– Workflow logs give you insights into your configured OnBase business processes. Visualize bottlenecks, flow rate, and other key metrics that help you streamline and boost the efficiencies of your workflow.

– Security Logs give your insight as to who and when is accessing your OnBase system. This log information pairs nicely with an organizations SIEM to help with another added layer of defense.

– Transaction Logs give a more granular view of who is accessing your system, what they are accessing and when they are accessing it. This set of log data also pairs neatly with your organizations SIEM and can be leveraged together with the other logs to provide a full 360 of the activity within your configured solutions.

Not only can you create 360-degree visualizations and insights into your OnBase solutions but aggregate these logs with other key line of business systems that OnBase supports such as SAP, Workday, Salesforce and many others, and you unlock the ability to enhance your insights and business intelligence.

Tables included:
– OnBase transaction log
– OnBase security log
– OnBase workflow log

Fields included:
– Document handles
– Document action and sub-action type
– Action timestamp
– Document revision number
– Content entity identifiers
– Login/out time stamps
– Security action and sub-action
– Queue entry and exit times
– Transition user identifier
– Content type

About the Provider:

Hyland is a leading content services provider that enables thousands of organizations to deliver better experiences to the people they serve. Hyland offers products and solutions across multiple industries including Healthcare, Government, Higher Education, Financial Services, Insurance, and many others. With over half of 2020 Fortune 100 companies leveraging these products and solutions. At Hyland, we believe technology should transform the way you work, so you can be more informed, empowered and connected through every interaction and in every relationship with everyone you serve.

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