Hunters: Autonomous Threat Hunting

Use security data in Snowflake to detect cyberattacks across the enterprise


Hunters.AI is the first autonomous threat hunting solution. Using unique attack intelligence and AI, it scales top-tier threat hunting techniques and detects cyber attacks that bypass existing security solutions.

Hunters.AI extends threat detection beyond the single platform, and enables faster response to cyber threats. By seamlessly connecting to raw organizational data and extracting TTP-based threat leads, Hunters.AI performs autonomous investigations and intelligently correlates threat leads across all attack surfaces: network, cloud, and endpoints. ‘Hunters.AI’ equips security operation teams with bottom-line attack stories, enabling rapid identification, comprehension, and response to newly exposed cyber threats. Learn more at: Hunters.AI.

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Hunters.AI offers an autonomous threat hunting solution, that leverages elite cyber expertise powered by AI and ML technologies to continuously identify, understand and respond to threats that bypass existing security controls.

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