Hunters: Autonomous Threat Hunting

Use security data in Snowflake to detect cyberattacks across the enterprise


Hunters cloud-native, Open XDR uniquely ingests, retains and dynamically cross-correlates all security telemetry to accelerate investigations and foster confident response to incidents.

Hunters cloud-native, vendor-agnostic, open XDR is purpose-built to help security operations teams align numerous security tools into a cohesive security incident detection, investigation and response platform. Autonomous attack analytics identify and present real incidents -with context- to drive rapid, effective SOC response.

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Hunters blends together deep security expertise with big data engineering and machine learning, to transform security operations’ ability and effectively detect and respond to cyber threats. Hunters’ cloud-native XDR takes an open approach to data, ingesting, normalizing and unifying all security telemetry to ensure the best possible coverage of attack signals. Mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and always up to date with IoCs, TTPs and threat intelligence, Hunters’ detection engine dynamically cross-correlates and automatically analyzes massive volumes of data to compile contextualized Attack Story views, digestible by analysts to quickly understand the attack and its impact on the business and trigger appropriate response measures. Ideal for organizations working to contain tool sprawl and extend the value of the existing data streams, Hunters XDR is adopted as a SIEM replacement

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