Hightouch: Activation for Social Platforms

Activate your data across Facebook, Snap, LinkedIn, and other social ads platforms.


Hightouch activates your customer data across social platforms including Facebook, Snap, Tiktok, Linkedin and more. Create audiences and activate directly from Snowflake – no more file transfers. This allows you to turn Snowflake into an advertising and marketing engine. Enterprises like Warner Music Group, Flickr, and Plaid use Hightouch to accelerate marketing growth, improve ad spend, reduce customer churn, and supercharge operational efficiency.

– Improve return on ad spend and target new personas
– Save time avoiding custom scripting
– Improve security by avoiding static file transfers

Expected workflow:
– Request access to this listing, and a Hightouch representative will reach out.
– Create a Hightouch account and authenticate your Snowflake instance.
– Choose your data and destinations.
– Kick off your activation syncs!

About the Provider:

Hightouch enables you to activate your data from Snowflake.

Sync customer data to platforms your company relies on: Facebook Ads, Salesforce, HubSpot Braze, and many more.

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