Highland Math: Audience Targeting Trends and Services

A dataset with ad tech spend behavior across top demographic categories and data monetization services


Highland Math is making a dataset and services offering available via the Snowflake Data Exchange.

Analyze holistic ad tech spend behavior over time across top demographic categories

Highland Math’s advertiser spend by audience segment data provides a unique, market-level view of the ad tech ecosystem. The data provides insight into monthly advertiser spending trends across the 59 most relevant demographic segment categories in the advertising industry.

The data is sourced from a first-of-its kind coop consisting of over 50 data providers with whom Highland Math works, and represents audience targeting efforts across all major DMPs and DSPs in the ad tech space.

Among other use cases, this purchase behavior data allows advertisers to benchmark their audience targeting spend portfolio and gives data providers insight into the potential ROI of creating and augmenting various audience categories.

As an example in the advertiser case, suppose that Company X is developing a strategy for its back-to-school campaign. Company X could use Highland Math’s data to see how advertiser spending on audiences of various age groups in the months of July, August, and September compares to the rest of the year.

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Full technical management of your Snowflake data business

Work with Highland Math’s experienced team to discover and better understand your digital data assets. Strategize and merchandise your assets based on market value and buyer needs.

Highland Math powers the technical management of your data business including integration with the Snowflake exchange, building and merchandising assets, optimizing data product offerings, and reporting on data revenue performance.

We are the engineering and data science layer on top of your data business. Our technical team will build bespoke data workflows to help merchandise your data assets, solve critical business problems, and provide machine-learning and external data solutions.

About the Provider:

Highland Math provides monetization and measurement solutions to data buyers and sellers, helping them generate a return on their investments in data. Our data intelligence platform, powered by machine learning, makes it possible for businesses to assess the value of data assets and implement strategies to leverage data more effectively within their organization or externally across the data ecosystem. Today, Highland Math powers data intelligence and monetization capabilities for over 60 data providers.

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