Highland Math: COVID-19 Impact and Discourse

Analyze COVID-19 metrics and resulting societal effects


Highland Math has consolidated public data sets pertaining to the Covid19 pandemic and its societal impact.

The COVID19_STATEDATA table contains daily counts by state of the number of reported positive, negative, and pending tests, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

The TSA_TRAVEL_NUMBERS table contains a comparison of current daily TSA checkpoint counts with corresponding counts from the prior year.

The COVID19_TWEET_COUNTS_BY_HASHTAG table contains daily counts of popular Covid19 hashtags and accompanying hashtags seen in tweets with popular Covid19 hashtags.

Example use cases include:

  • Compare the rate of increase in positive tests across states via COVID19_STATEDATA.
  • Compute daily correlation between travel counts and tweets with specific hashtags by joining COVID19_TWEET_COUNTS_BY_HASHTAG to TSA_TRAVEL_NUMBERS.
  • Join COVID19_STATEDATA to an external table that tracks daily weather in order to compute correlations between new positive tests on a given date and the temperature in the days preceding that date.

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