HG Insights: Contextual Intent

Industry-leading contextual intent data for B2B intelligence.


HG Insights enables B2B technology-focused companies to perfect their Go-To-Market through complete, and contextualized B2B intent data.

By combining intent signals with technographics, HG provides refinable context to power more effective targeting that yields a greater ROI compared to intent data alone. Our Contextual Intent subscription includes bidstream data that’s triangulated, enriched, and scored for precision, signal strength, and accuracy. Includes nearly 2 billion intent records weekly, leveraging technographic and firmographic data on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products, solutions,and services. This intent data is then contextualized with each company’s technographic profile to provide refined insights that support laser-focused company targeting.

Use Cases:
-B2B Sales
-B2B Marketing
-Data Science

Available Data Sets:
-Contextual Intent

Expected Workflow:
-Navigate to the HG Insights Marketplace and select “Request”
-An HG Representative will contact you
-Provide business requirements and create a table query
-Upload data to Snowflake data share (if applicable)
-HG Insights will return requested data

About the Provider:

HG Insights is the global leader in technology intelligence. Every day, HG Insights uses advanced data science methodologies to process billions of unstructured digital documents to produce the world’s best technology installation information, IT spend, and contract intelligence.

The world’s largest technology firms and fastest growing companies achieve a tremendous advantage by using HG Insights to accelerate their sales, marketing, and strategy efforts. This is powerful information you can use to out-market, out-sell, and out-grow your competition.

Please visit: https://hginsights.com

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