Habu: Habu Cleanroom Automation Software

Use Habu software to create and automate privacy and governance-safe clean rooms on Snowflake


Data clean rooms enable partners to fuel data-driven initiatives with the power of each others’ data, without divulging any sensitive and private details from either party. Snowflake has a number of primitives (Secure Share, Streams & Tasks, Row Access Policy, Allowed Statements, Secure View) which, when used in specific combinations and sequences, can be used to facilitate such data sharing without any movement of underlying source data.

Once installed on participating Snowflake instances, Habu software runs as an agent to dynamically implement and enforce privacy and governance, using these combinations of primitives, without ever accessing data from clean room participants’ instances.

Expected Workflow:
1. Clean room owner or partner reaches out to Habu for access to App

2. Habu provides access to the Snowflake private listing, permissions, and documentation on the installation process

3. Once installed, Habu software runs as an agent to create and automate privacy and governance compliant clean room use cases, without ever accessing source data.

About the Provider:

Habu is a data clean room software company.

Now, more than ever, companies need access to data that lives in disparate, distributed, walled systems. We provide data clean rooms and work with other data clean rooms to enable privacy-safe data intelligence and data infrastructure.

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