GWI: GWI Core Taxonomy

The world’s largest survey on the digital consumer.


GWI Core is our flagship survey that puts over 2 billion consumers at your fingertips, in our intuitive-as-it-gets platform. With globally harmonized data covering consumer attitudes, perceptions, online habits, media use, purchase drivers and more, always know what resonates – and why.

– Pinpoint your audience and see what makes them tick.
– Fill knowledge gaps in record time with a 360-degree view.
– Beat the competition with real customer truths direct from your consumers.

We’ve been delivering game-changing insights to all agencies, media organizations and brands you know and love since 2009, and it all started with GWI Core.

Find what you’re looking for:

– Compare global markets or deep-dive into specific regions to get insight into any local audience.
– Tap into a panel three times larger than the nearest competitor for quality research and coverage.
– Explore perceptions, engagement, ownership and more around some of the world’s biggest brands.
– Profile your audience in extreme detail, analyzing robust data on interests, behaviors, attitudes and more.

In as granular detail as you need:

40+ countries.
18m+ consumers.
4,000 brands.
40,000 attributes.

By downloading GWI Core Taxonomy you can see the questions we are asking respondents. For full access to GWI Core data including responses please see GWI Core listing.

About the Provider:

GWI is the leading supplier of target audience insight to the global marketing industry. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, media organizations and agencies on the daily to get closer to their audiences, the company’s flagship survey represents over 2 billion people globally.

Using the subscription-based platform, clients like Twitter, Google, Spotify, WPP, IPG and Omnicom Group can gather in-depth insights into behaviors, attitudes and interests in seconds through a combination of survey data and analytics.

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