GlobalData: Top 6,000 Companies Integrated Dataset

Combines fundamental and alternative datasets with in-depth industry data for the largest 6,000 companies


GlobalData has combined its cross-vertical and industry-specific datasets to create an integrated data source with global coverage that provides granular, in-depth, and daily updated insight into the largest companies in the world covering most of the leading company stock indices.

Our dataset covers the leading 6,000 companies across 16 primary industries and covers 92% of S&P 500 and over 80% of Fortune 2000.

Clients can gain unique insights into the future performance of the world’s most successful companies and enhance their own models and profiles by accessing over 5,000 unique data fields.

We have combined our cross-industry fundamental & alternative datasets with our gold-standard in-depth industry-specific datasets.

Alternative datasets include:
– News
– Deals
– Job Analytics
– Social Media Analytics
– Company Filings
– Patent Analytics

In-depth industry-specific datasets include the following examples:
– Product and clinical trial datasets in Pharma and Medical Devices
– Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream datasets in Oil & Gas
– Company- and Asset-Level plant data in the Power sector
– Construction Projects data and intelligence
– IT and Telecom Contracts data
Contact us for a full list of over 5,000 unique data fields

Fields Included:
– Major Products & Services
– Company Filing Sentiment
– Recruitment Posting Job Title
– Brand Market Share by Value (Consumer)
– Drug Development Stage (Pharma)
– Clinical Trial Design (Pharma + Medical)
– IT Service Contract Value (Technology)
– Transmission & Distribution Line Project Name (Power)
– Oil Field Total Production (Oil & Gas)
– Construction Project Status (Construction)
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Sample Tables:
– Marketed Product Portfolio (Pfizer, Inc.)
– Sales Forecasts for Marketed Products (Pfizer, Inc.)
– Active Job Postings by Pfizer, Inc.
– M&A & Licensing Deals by Pfizer, Inc. between 2010-2021
This dataset has many more tables. Please contact us for a full list

About the Provider:

In an increasingly fast-moving, complex, and uncertain world, it’s never been harder for organizations to predict and navigate the future. Which is why GlobalData’s mission is to help our clients decode the future and profit from faster, more informed decisions. Today, over 4,000 organizations rely on GlobalData to be their trusted source of strategic intelligence on the world’s largest industries. As a leading information services company, we provide unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions.

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