GlobalData: Drug Pricing Intelligence (POLI) Database

Time-series data for three price levels to compare prices and therapy costs by geography and therapeutic area


GlobalData’s Drug Pricing Intelligence (POLI) package provides an exhaustive source of drug prices and costs, allowing clients to access full price history time-series for three price levels (manufacturer, wholesaler, and retail) to help compare prices and therapy costs by geography and therapeutic area.

The POLI pricing database covers:
– 80 markets in-depth with analyses based on pharmaceutical name, dosage, regulation, phases & timings, ingredients, costs, and prices for all therapeutics.
– Prices are reported in local currency with conversion available into any currency, allowing easy comparison of prices for hospital and retail pharmaceuticals globally to gain insight into broader pricing trends by geography and therapeutic area.

Data coverage also includes a Therapeutics View that breaks down the pricing data into critical and detailed cost, narrowed down to the indication level.
Data points include:
– Dates of reimbursement decision per indication
– Average costs of treatment, and reimbursements per indication
– HTA agencies per indication
– Annual costs of therapy for products on market

This provides clients with the ability to compare the cost of multiple medicines for the same indication or compare the costs of a particular medicine across all approved indications.

About the Provider:

In an increasingly fast-moving, complex, and uncertain world, it’s never been harder for organizations to predict and navigate the future. Which is why GlobalData’s mission is to help our clients decode the future and profit from faster, more informed decisions. Today, over 4,000 organizations rely on GlobalData to be their trusted source of strategic intelligence on the world’s largest industries. As a leading information services company, we provide unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions.

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