General Index: Accurate and Affordable Commodity Price Benchmarks

Daily Price Data and Forward Curves - Key Global Oil, Energy and Commodity Indexes


General Index provides accurate and affordable price indexes for commodities and energy markets. Following industry accepted methodologies and working in partnership to provide long-term, low price certainty over critical market data on fair commercial terms.

Experienced market experts oversee our proven automated index calculation process – unique to the benchmark pricing marketplace – that gathers and collates data from the marketplace to generate fully comparable benchmarks. We are focused on producing the highest-quality data efficiently and reliably, to meet and exceed regulatory and customer requirements.

Our physical indexes include:

– Crude oil (Brent, Northern Europe, Dubai, Oman, Murban,…)
– Refined products (gasoline, jet, gasoil, fueloil, naphtha …)
– Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG – propane, butane, )

Covering these geographies:

– North America
– Europe
– Mediterranean
– Middle East
– Asia-pacific

About the Provider:

General Index is the new tech-led and compliance-friendly alternative to traditional price reporting publishers. Founded in response to industry demands for more competition, choice and fair access to key data, General Index combines market expertise and leading technology underpinned by coded methodology in a new business model.

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