GaiaLens: GaiaLens News Data

Real-time (refreshed daily) ESG News, covers c.17,000 global publicly traded companies, tracks 50 ESG themes


We can offer the news data in two formats:
1) News flow: all news flow for our company coverage including articles and tweets.
2) ESG Incidents: highlights any pressing issues that companies are facing in the news.

1) News flow
Our system executes around 100,000 searches per day across the internet. We search specific websites deemed to be high-quality and informationally additive for news about our whole company coverage.

These include:
– Mainstream publications like Reuters, CNN, CNBC, NBC News etc.
– NGO websites such as Ethical Consumer and Anti-Slavery International
– Investigative journalist websites like MLex
– National papers like the Japan Times
– Trade publications like Insurance Journal
– Sustainability publications like

Each article that we download goes through rigorous processing. This includes cleaning the body of the article and adding its metadata e.g., the date that it was published.

We then calculate our proprietary “relevance” scores. This is a calculation to determine how relevant the article is to the company, CEO, biggest Insider and biggest Outsider.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are used to calculate the similarity and sentiment scores for each article for each news topic.

We track around 50 ESG news topics which are comprised of SASB themes and UN SDGs and some topics we think are important like « Modern Slavery » and « Gender Equality ».

We use Twitter’s API to download the latest tweets from Thought Leader Accounts. We track over 100 Thought Leaders such as Ceres and Science-Based Targets.

These tweets are then searched to see if any of our company coverage is mentioned.

Afterwards, the same processing and calculation steps are followed as for the news articles.

Data Fields:
– Company Name
– Sedol
– Article URL
– Source URL (which publication)
– Body (of the article)
– Article Title
– Article Date
– Company Relevance Score
– Company Sentiment
– Greenhouse Gas Similarity
– Greenhouse Gas Sentiment
– Air Quality Similarity
– Air Quality Sentiment
– Similarity and Sentiment values for all the other news topics (mentioned above)

Expected Workflow for data dump:
1) Send us a list of companies (ISIN, Sedol) that you would like news results for
2) We send you back the companies with their data fields (see above)

Expected Workflow for API (we can create a private API key for you):
1) Access API via private API key
2) Enter Company Name, ISIN, Sedol
3) The results will return the data fields for the given company

2) ESG Incidents
ESG Incidents is the second news feed that we display for users. It is designed to show any pressing issues that a company is facing in the news in real-time.

To get ESG Incidents outputs we follow these steps:
1. Choose a time period of news to look at e.g., 3 months.
2. For each news topic (we have around 50) pick out the article(s) that have the highest relevance to a company and the highest similarity score over that time period. We multiply these two scores together to calculate an “Incidence Score”.
3. Calculate how many times that new topic has come up in the news over the chosen time period as a proportion of the total articles for that company.

We are then able to see emerging trends and incidents for a particular company over a time period and also have the ability to see the most relevant articles for each news topic. This allows investors to see any emerging incidents or scandals for a company in real-time.

Data Fields:
– Company Name
– Sedol
– Article URL
– Source URL (which publication)
– Incidence value (how relevant is the article to both the company/news topic)
– News Topic
– Article Title
– Article Date
– Topic Count (how many times a news topic has come up for a company over a given time period)
– Total Count (how many articles in total there are for a company over a given time period)
– Topic Proportion (Topic Count/Total Count)

Expected Workflow for data dump:
1) Send us a list of companies (ISIN, Sedol) that you would like news incidents results for
2) GaiaLens will use a snowflake share to provide the consumer with the requested companies and their data fields (see above)

About the Provider:

GaiaLens provides a data-driven, transparent, and real-time ESG analytics platform to institutional investors.

Visit the provider’s website for more information


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