GaiaLens: GaiaLens ESG Scores

Real-time (refreshed daily)ESG Scores , covers c.17,000 global publicly traded companies


We track over 500 ESG factors and process around 200 features (based on statistical significance) to create our ESG scores. We have built a powerful proprietary algorithm to aggregate the data from raw values (such as carbon intensity metrics, employee satisfaction, diversity metrics etc.) to an overall score.

The key differentiators of our scores are that they are:
1) Real-time
2) Explainable
3) Comprehensive across all 3 E, S, G pillars

1) Real-time Scores
Our platform uses the latest technologies which means that we are able to provide real-time ESG scores for our c.17,000 companies at scale. Some of the ESG factors that we use are real-time numbers such as people-related features like board diversity, management gender pay gap and employee satisfaction. As a result, as we get new data it will contribute to companies’ scores in real-time, which keeps investors up-to-date with the latest available numbers.

2) Explainable Scores
We have built a proprietary algorithm that aggregates ESG features to give an overall score. Our scores have 4 levels: overall score, ESG pillar level scores, theme level scores, and feature level scores so you can see exactly where these scores came from.

3) Comprehensive across all 3 E, S, G pillars
There is a lot of focus on the Environmental pillar generally, but we still also process a huge volume of data for the Social and Governance pillars.

Data Fields:
– Company Name
– Sedol
– Year (that the scores are associated with)
– Overall ESG Score
– Overall Transparency Score (reflects how well-populated the underlying data is for the company)
– Environmental Score
– Social Score
– Governance Score

Expected Workflow for data dump:
1) Send us a list of companies (ISIN, Sedol) that you would like scores for
2) GaiaLens will use a snowflake share to provide the consumer with the requested companies and their data fields (see above)

About the Provider:

GaiaLens provides a data-driven, transparent, and real-time ESG analytics platform to institutional investors.

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