GaiaLens: GaiaLens Environmental Data (Sample)

Sample Dataset of our Top 100 Companies' Environmental Data


This is a sample showing the Environmental scores for the Top 100 companies in our coverage selected based upon their Environmental Transparency score.


We track over 500 ESG factors and process around 200 features (based on statistical significance) to create our ESG scores. We have built a powerful proprietary algorithm to aggregate the data from raw values (such as carbon intensity metrics, employee satisfaction, diversity metrics etc.) to an overall score.

The key differentiators of our scores are that they are:
1) Real-time
2) Explainable
3) Comprehensive across all 3 E, S, G pillars

Data Fields:
– Company Name
– Ticker
– Country
– Sector
– Industry
– Sub-industry
– Environmental Score
– Environmental Transparency Score
– Environmental Theme Scores…
– Environmental Indicator Scores…

About the Provider:

GaiaLens provides a data-driven, transparent, and real-time ESG analytics platform to institutional investors.

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