G2: G2 Review Data

Full access to 1.5M+ verified customer reviews of B2B software and services


G2.com collects 1.5M+ first-party, verified reviews across the B2B software landscape. Each review collects up to 40 data points to help businesses track customer use cases and adoption, survey the competitive landscape, and glean relevant user insights. G2.com tracks ~100,000 unique companies, 120,000 products, across ~2,000 categories. The expansive Review Data asset is validated through 9 years of historical collection and performance comparison.

Your (paid) access to all G2 Review data will provide vendor dimension tables that include (i) firmographic information tied to tickers and (ii) a proprietary G2 category taxonomy.

Tables Included:
– Historical Review data from 2016-2020 for 100,000+ companies
– Aggregated Review data from 2016-2020 for 100,000+ companies
– Product, Vendors, Category Table for 100,000+ companies

Fields Include:
– Product Star Rating
– Switched from Another Tool
– Reason for Switching
– Reviewer Company Name
– Reviewer Company Segment
– Product Name
– Product Category
– Ease of Setup
– Ease of Use
– Frequency of use
– Quality of Support
– Business Problem Solved
– Product Likes
– Product Dislikes
– Likely to recommend
– What % of your users have fully adopted the system?
– Price
– Estimated time to ROI

Example Use Case:
1. Track customer adoption including insights into why customers switch across category players
2. Monitor historical user ratings for improvement or decline
3. Analyze market share representation in key competitive ecosystems

Contact the G2 team for more information, using this link https://bit.ly/3yt2EnD

About the Provider:

G2 is the world’s largest B2B SaaS review platform with over 1.5M+ reviews across 100,000 products. Over 6M unique buyers use G2.com to make purchasing decisions every single month. As a result, leading investors are leveraging G2’s insights to better understand drivers of customer retention, predict buying trends, and more.

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