Funnel: For agencies: All your client’s Marketing Data in Snowflake

Automatically connect marketing platforms and quickly analyse and report on your client's data.


Funnel automatically collects, cleans and groups the data from all of your clients’ advertising, marketing, sales and CRM platforms. It also gives you the raw data, so you don’t lose granularity or flexibility. It’s the best of both worlds.

Funnel frees technical teams from tedious data manipulation tasks and allows them to focus on higher-value activities, like improving the data model and mining the data for patterns.

Funnel is designed to help you streamline client reporting. Not only is the data ready for you to analyse, but it will also help your clients to easily understand and defend the marketing spendings.

With Funnel, your team and your clients can easily answer crucial questions such as:
– How much did we spend on each channel?
– What is the Return On Ad Spend per channel?
– What is the Customer Acquisition Cost?
– What are the top performing campaigns/creatives/keywords?

Funnel has support for 500+ connectors, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, Criteo, Adroll, Shopify, AppsFlyer, Snapchat Ads, Instagram Ads and many more. The data is automatically being collected by Funnel and exported to Snowflake.

– Navigate to the Marketplace tile and click “Request”
– A Funnel representative will reach out to you
– Connect your needed data sources in your Funnel account
– Clean, normalise and group your data with Funnel’s intuitive data model before exporting the data to Snowflake
– Funnel will return requested data via Snowflake Data Share automatically

About the Provider:

Funnel is the marketing data platform that gives you business-ready data that makes sense. This means data that is clean, accurate, and always up to date.

Our mission is to help marketers like you to become more data-driven. Funnel helps more than 1000 customers to grow their business – including digital leaders like Home Depot, Havas Media, and Samsung.

Funnel makes it easy to report on your marketing performance. Collect data from all platforms across the customer journey: advertising, analytics, and CRM. Transform your data with recommended and customizable rules, and explore it to find new insights. Then let Funnel send data to your Snowflake instance, to give your team real-time insights whenever you need them.

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