Foursquare: Foursquare Standard Visits – Shops & Services (US)

Trial feed of footfall to shopping, banking and more chains in the US


Leverage Foursquare Standard Visit Feeds to learn which chains your customers visit for shopping, banking and more. This trial contains a daily feed of footfall to shopping, banking chains that matter to your business, which enables an invaluable understanding of where your customers go in the real world. These visit feeds can be leveraged to enrich your first party data, create custom targeting segments, improve marketing strategies and even power your in-house measurement solution. Schema includes:

– Hashed MAIDS
– Protected timestamp, fuzzed +/- 2 hours of the visit
– Chain or category ID
– Chain or category name
– DMA or zip
– Source indicator
– Dwell time
– Confidence score reflective of the likelihood the visit occurred
– Home zip of the user
– Venue level data pending Privacy Team approval

About the Provider:

Foursquare is the leading independent location technology company, powered by our deep understanding of how people move throughout the world. Our solutions help businesses make smarter decisions, developers create more engaging experiences, and brands build more effective marketing strategies.

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