Foursquare: Foursquare Global Places

This data set contains 100M highly accurate commercial venues globally.


Foursquare has developed a map of the world using first-party data derived from over 14 billion explicit check-ins from our consumer apps. We’ve built and refined those maps for the past 11 years. We’ve also merged with leaders in the space to increase our breadth of sources and improve our ability to ingest, aggregate, and resolve billions of location data references. Over the last 10 years of focus on location data, we’ve also accumulated numerous geographic datasets, geospatial assets, and validation rules.

Foursquare programmatically crawls 46K authoritative sources for inputs. We combine our first-party data, ground truth data sets, web resources, and partner with 3rd parties to incorporate updates directly from business owners to ensure as close to 100% coverage as possible.

Our Places data dictionary can be found here:

Samples/Tables Included:
– All places in New York City
– All places in San Francisco
– All places in London
– If you need a different type of sample, please contact us at [email protected]

Standard Fields Included:
– venueID, venuename, and translatedvenuename
– latitude/longitude
– address
– city, dma, state, postalcode, and countrycode
– date_created
– category information (primary and secondary)
– chainid, chainname, parentid
– hours and hours_popular
– phonenumber, url, facebookid, instagramhandle, twittername
– rating
– description
– price
– popularity_score (i.e. Foursquare’s calculated foot traffic score)
– score_venuereality (i.e. Foursquare’s calculated confidence score)

Other rich fields (e.g. photos, tips, tastes) are also available. Detailed information on each field can be found here:

Example Use Cases:
– Place Search/Recommendation for Consumer Experience. Types of customers range from social platforms (e.g. enabling global geotags for Twitter) to Food Delivery (e.g. restaurant discovery for DoorDash) to Ride Hail (e.g. global Places for Uber).
– Site Selection or Retail Planning. Any company with a physical footprint of over 100+ locations will benefit from Foursquare Places data to better enable site selection decisions. Customers typically fall into the Retail, Dining, and Hospitality industries.
– Competitive Benchmarking. Understand how foot traffic to your locations indexes by neighborhood, market, state, or country versus your competition.
– Transaction cleansing for financial services companies.

About the Provider:

Foursquare is the leading independent location technology company, powered by our deep understanding of how people move throughout the world. Our solutions help businesses make smarter decisions, developers create more engaging experiences, and brands build more effective marketing strategies.

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