Flight BI: US Air Traffic and Fare

US domestic air traffic and fare by true O&D and segment


This dataset contains monthly OD and segment air traffic that helps you better understand US air traffic patterns, market shares, and fare trends. The O&D trip data starts from Jan 2015 and the segment data starts from Feb. 2014.

Tables included:
US_DOM – True O&D level data for analyzing trip traffic & fare patterns
– Estimate market size and calculate market shares
– Observe air traffic patterns and discover passenger flow itineraries
– Benchmark fare & yield, track fare trend, and identify zero-fare passengers
– Understand passenger point of origin
– Evaluate the contribution of codeshares

T100_SEG – Segment level data for analyzing segment capacity deployment & load factor trends
– Track aircraft capacity deployment
– Summarize inbound and outbound traffic
– Calculate aircraft landed weight
– Monitor carrier load factors
– Benchmark airport performance

Fields Include:
– Year and Month
– Origin, Destination, and Stations in between
– Marketing Airlines
– Operating Airlines
– Parent Operating Airlines
– Number of Passengers
– Net Fare and Gross Fare
– Point of Origin

Data Structure:
True O&D: https://flightbi.com/air-trip-data-structure/
Segment: https://flightbi.com/segment-data-structure/

About the Provider:

Flight BI is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution provider for the global aviation industry. We build data warehouse products and web applications to help airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, and other travel-related businesses make data-driven strategic and operational decisions intuitively.

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