First American Data & Analytics: US Property Data Snapshot

Point-in-time US property view w/ taxes, sales & mortgages, & value-added elements like HOA, Listings, & Flood


Comprehensive data offering, providing users point-in-time view of United States property-level real estate information. Data includes property characteristics, current ownership and encumbrances/lien status, and additional value-added elements such as homeowner’s association contacts, recent Flood/FEMA indications, and propensity scores.

• Property & Mailing Address/Location
• Property Characteristics
• Recent Sales and concurrent Mortgages, as well as Open Liens
• Automated valuation model (AVM), Listing, Vacancy, Flood, & HOA

180 Fields

• Public Record
• Proprietary
• Derived data

Use Cases
• Assessment of property characteristics (e.g., size, bed, bathroom count) associated to owner-occupied properties in a given geography.
• Analysis of open liens and mortgage amounts, along with existing home equity,
• Identification of properties in an HOA
• Vacant properties located in a flood zone

About the Provider:

With First American’s United States property data, you will have the strongest foundation of data available to gain the power, insight and competitive edge to capture new business, better understand existing customers, develop analytical models, and innovate with confidence. First American Data & Analytics provides the industry’s largest database of property, homeownership, and mortgage data. Our data is different because we have enhanced data collection and proprietary title plants that allow validation through multiple sources. We back up our data with award-winning service and data experts who understand your business goals and are ready to work with you.

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