FactSet: People

Personal and professional information for individuals associated with public and private companies


Gain instant access to personal and professional information for individuals associated with over 1.3 million firms, including public and private companies and financial sponsors, as well as private equity firms and investment professionals. Active and historical employment, board positions and select job details are included.

  • Review personal and professional information for individuals, including details such as biographical, educational, professional, direct ownership information, and management and board affiliations
  • Find job details for portfolio managers and analysts, such as historical fund management and regional security coverage, and identify relationships based on shared employer, tenure, board history, and educational background
  • Uncover connections between two or more individuals with information from company websites, SEC/SEDAR filings, newswires, institutional coverage lists, sell-side broker reports, and direct contact with entities
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About the Provider:

FactSet is an industry leader in acquiring, integrating, and managing financial data. Our content gives you the power to monitor the global markets, research public and private companies, and gain industry-level insight through. Our proprietary symbology links and aggregates a variety of content sources to ensure consistency, transparency, and data integrity across your business.

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