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Revere Hierarchy provides a 360 degree view of a company's diverse businesses to allow you to understand c…


Get a 360-degree view of a company’s diverse businesses. Our unique multi-sector, variable-depth classification system groups companies with up to three times the depth found in conventional industry classification systems. When fully expanded, the Hierarchy has over 7,000 sector and product groups, providing the precision needed to understand companies in a multi-dimensional manner.

  • Access global coverage, including a cross section of large, medium, and small companies across all sectors, prioritized by (but not limited to) index inclusion, liquidity, market value, and asset size
  • Leverage bottom-up taxonomy construction that groups products and services in both primary and ancillary lines of business
  • Examine a unique source for discovering valuation anomalies, analyzing market share, and understanding revenue exposures across hundreds of industry verticals
About the Provider:

FactSet is an industry leader in acquiring, integrating, and managing financial data. Our content gives you the power to monitor the global markets, research public and private companies, and gain industry-level insight through. Our proprietary symbology links and aggregates a variety of content sources to ensure consistency, transparency, and data integrity across your business.

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