Facts and Dimensions Ltd: Coronavirus

UK Coronavirus Data, over 100 datasets.


A comprehensive catalogue of mainly UK based Coronavirus data, plus some worldwide datasets for comparison. This data is already in heavy use by the NHS and several BI suppliers to the NHS and several universities.

Over 100 tables covering topics including:
– Cases
– Deaths
– Hospitalizations for all causes and COVID19
– CQC Death standardised rates
– Learning Disability
– Bed Occupancy
– NHS111 and NHS Pathways potential cases
– Infection survey stats
– Test & Trace
– Vaccination Sites

Data Sources include
– NHS England
– NHS Digital
– Data.gov

Dimensions include:
– Region
– Hospital
– Ethnicity
– Age
– Gender
– Co morbidity

Date Range
– 31st Dec 2019 to today

Update frequency
– Daily/weekly/monthly

Data turnaround
– Same day as release; as fast as 15minutes for some sources.

Example Use Case:
– Plug the data into a dashboard that will update daily.
– Plug the MSOA data into a map of the UK that will update daily.

About the Provider:

Widest available single source of UK health statistics and reference data. In use by most of the NHS, including NHS England, and many other organisations.

All datasets are updated the same day as publication. Some within 30 minutes.

We use a very extensive testing regime and test scripting to ensure the absolute highest quality and reliable data. We do not simply scrape websites and copy data into tables. The data we load is checked for its integrity, the date etc. We have good contacts with the data providers and regularly keep in touch when data quality issues are found so they can be fixed.

Extensive forum for all paying customers.

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