Eyeota: Audience Marketplace Attributes With Reach

Identify, reach and engage your best future customers


Eyeota Audience Marketplace enables marketers to influence consumers with a robust set of audiences built on demographics, intent, interest, past purchase, purchase, industry verticals and seasonal events. Eyeota fuses qualified user identifiers to create robust digital audience profiles that help brands to identify, reach and engage their best customers in omnichannel environments.

Sources: Data is collected from qualified sources such as publishers, social sharing and listening tools, and mobile IDs.

Eyeota works with the auto brand to identify and define a best-fit audience targeting strategy that is portable cross-channel:

Table Included:
Eyeota Segments with Monthly Reach by Country

Fields Included:
Country Name
Geo Region
Eyeota Segment Name
Available Eyeota Cookies
Available IDFAS
Available AAID
Available HEM

The brand activates this predefined audience data strategy cross- channel, measuring and tracking audience response rates on desktop, mobile and social.

About the Provider

Eyeota is a data transformation company serving the global enterprise. Leading brands, publishers and data companies leverage Eyeota to onboard, enrich, and activate their data assets across global markets and digital geographies. As the world’s largest data onboarding and audience intelligence firm, Eyeota brings a depth of experience in adapting data strategies to be consumer-friendly, addressable and scalable in omni-channel environments. Empowering enterprises with future-proof data capabilities, Eyeota’s suite of solutions are privacy-by-design, flexible and interoperable across all major platforms, channels and identifiers.

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