Explorium: SMB Company Data

Harness External Data to Boost Your Growth


Locating reliable data about Small and Medium Business (SMBs) is hard and time consuming. Data about them exists but is very fragmented; SMBs are mostly private, not publicly traded. All of these factors make finding relevant data about small businesses to fuel your analytical models a challenge.

The Explorium External Data Platform automates access to thousands of data signals from a wide variety of proprietary, premium, and public sources. Not only have these pre-vetted data sources been curated for quality and reliability, they form a single, collective catalog, with valuable data about SMBs. Use the Explorium External Data Platform to boost your growth.

Product Overview (Video)

Expected Workflow:
– Navigate to the Explorium Marketplace tile and click “Request Data”
– An Explorium representative will reach out to discuss a Free Trial
– Provide business requirements to Explorium rep
– Upload data to Snowflake data share (if applicable)
– Explorium will make requested data available through Snowflake

About the Provider:

Automatically connect to thousands of external data sources, and produce scalable & robust machine learning outputs with Explorium’s data science platform.

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