Explorium: Augmented Data Science for Marketing

Build models on data you need, not just the data you have - Transform from ROI based to LTV driven


Explorium provides an External Data Platform that automatically discovers thousands of relevant data signals and uses them to improve analytics and machine learning. The automated Explorium Platform enables organizations to discover and use third party data to improve predictions and ML model performance, helping customers to better understand and truly act on the incremental performance of their marketing.

The Explorium platform will automatically surface new and powerful predictive signals for your predictive model by enriching your data with better geographic, time-series, personal and commercial context, yielding a quantifiable improvement in the accuracy of your predictive decision-making (your model’s output), faster and at scale. With faster, better insights, organizations can increase revenue, streamline operations and reduce risks.

Product Overview (Video): https://www.explorium.ai/resources/vimeo-all-videos/explorium-platform-connect-internal-data-to-thousands-of-external-data-signals

Expected Workflow:
– Navigate to the Explorium Marketplace tile and click “Request Data”
– An Explorium representative will reach out to discuss a Free Trial
– Provide business requirements to Explorium rep
– Upload data to Snowflake data share (if applicable)
– Explorium will make requested data available through Snowflake

About the Provider:

Automatically connect to thousands of external data sources, and produce scalable & robust machine learning outputs with Explorium’s data science platform.

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