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Experian realizes that accurate and reliable financial insights are extremely important to marketers.


It’s no longer an option for brands to understand their audiences, it’s a requirement from a consumer’s perspective. Given the advances in marketing over the past few years, any brand that wants to thrive understands that consumers expect all communications they receive will be relevant and personalized.

This holds true for all advertisers, including financial institutions. Sending irrelevant loan or other product offers can cause frustration and detachment. Financial marketers need to reach the right consumers with messaging that resonates on the channels they prefer. But the challenge facing the financial industry is not only to provide personalized marketing campaigns to potential clients, but also to adhere to anti-discriminatory regulations.

To help you reach the right audience, Experian leverages its full ConsumerViewSM database, which includes information on more than 300 million consumers in the US. With information on who they are, their interests and how best to reach them, ConsumerView goes beyond basic demographic information, enabling financial marketers to send personalized marketing campaigns that are FLA friendly.

With expertise in both financial regulations and consumer data, we offer FLA friendly audiences across channels. Custom FLA Friendly Audiences on Demand are also available, which leverage Experian’s powerful data assets and data science, and are available quickly for audience needs that are not “on the shelf.”

As a leader in the financial services industry for more than 100 years, Experian understands the importance of compliance and that clients want to feel confident that the audiences they access are created through an appropriate process. Experian works with its data partners and its clients to provide transparency on what goes into Fair Lending Act friendly audiences.

Data Categories Include:
• Ability to Pay
• Auto Lease and Loan
• Bankcard/credit
• Consumer Spend
• Debt Ratio
• Financial Status
• Income
• Investable Assets
• Mortgage / HELOC Loans
• Net Assets
• Personal Loan
• Student Loan

About the Provider:

Experian Marketing Services is a recognized leader in marketing, providing data-driven customer insight, analytics, and technology to marketers in more than 30 countries. Leverage Experian Marketing Services to learn more about existing customers, identify the right potential customers, uncover the most appropriate communication channels, activate those audiences, develop messages that resonate, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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