Exchange Data International: EDI Foreign Exchange Rates with 1 Year History

USD Based foreign exchange rates with 1 year rolling history


EDI ensures accuracy and up-to-date Foreign Exchange Rates data by gathering from a multitude of sources including banks and foreign exchange dealers worldwide, providing data for 168 currencies including Euro legacy ones. This dataset provides Point in Time records on any given currency over a rolling year. Data can be customised to only include your selected currencies, preferred base currency i.e. USD, GBP, EUR, etc. or add extra fields like the reverse rate as well as alternative currencies like ETH, BTC, VEF, VEF BLKMKT, etc. Please contact our team if you require customisation.


About the Provider:

Underpin decision making with high quality, affordable financial data. With EDI you get securities reference data, equity and fixed income corporate actions, and end of day pricing easily and flexibly delivered to your desktop. Unlike other mainstream financial data providers, EDI will customize its database to precisely fit your operational requirements.

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