Enterprise Technology Research: Technology Spending Intentions Survey

Track the minds and wallet share driving the enterprise IT landscape


ETR surveys 5,000+ Global IT decision makers (representing ~$1T in annual IT spend) about their technology evaluations and spending intentions in the enterprise. Our data provides actionable insight on 330+ public and private technology vendors across dozens of technology sectors.

Surveys are conducted during the following time frames: [1] December to January; [2] March to April; [3] June to July; and [4] September to October. During these time frames, ETR publishes files that contain spending intentions from survey takers, calculated metrics, and ratings. Datasets are published daily during a 3-5 week window (polling window) during the time frames listed above. The data can be accessed on Snowflake as well as other providers via CSV. All files available as of 4/21/2020 < 100GB.


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  • ETRInsight_InsightData
  • ETRInsight_InsightForecast
  • ETRInsight_InsightPerformance
  • ETRInsight_StockReturns
  • ETRInsight_FTECReturns
  • ETRSignal_SignalData
  • ETRSignal_SignalReturnsSummary
  • ETRSignal_InsightForecast
  • ETRSignal_InsightPerformance
  • ETRSignal_SignalIndex
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About the Provider:

ETR has deep expertise in surveying technology end users, sampling, and generating insight from ecosystems. Thousands of IT decision makers from global enterprises take our surveys and indicate which technology vendors they will be spending on (i.e., their technology DNA), based on their experience and expertise; as a result, our data and research aggregate the views held by the most experienced high-level technology professionals in the world. Our model was created to produce unbiased data, insight and signals driving the technology landscape.

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