ETF Global: ETF Fund Flow Data

U.S. Listed ETPs


This Listing shows you the Daily Net Fund Flows driven by the ETF creation and redemption process, meaning actual capital added or withdrawn from the ETF. Includes Shares Outstanding and NAV for the ETF as well.

Sample Table:
– Daily Net Fund Flows table for U.S. ETF Universe from 11/1/2021 to 11/5/2021

Fields Included:
– ETFG Date
– As of Date
– Ticker
– Fund Shares Outstanding
– Net Daily Flow

About the Provider:

ETF Global® (ETFG®) is a leading, independent provider of data, research, investment decision support applications, proprietary risk analytics and educational offerings for Exchange-Traded Products. ETFG Data is primarily sourced directly from fund sponsors, custodians, distributors and administrators.

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