Equilar: Your Sales Accelerator: Equilar Connection Cloud

Enrich people data with in-depth profiles and over 500 million connections.


Connect your data silos to the World’s Most Connected Network and accelerate sales and business development opportunities. By combining your interactions, CRM data, and other sources with Equilar, you’re able to grow your sales pipeline by identifying warm relationships through the networks of your clients and partners.

Relationship mapping starts with matching your contacts to our rich profiles and networks. This native application makes it easy to access our network of 1.5 million executives with over 500 million connections to over 400,000 companies. Immediately see who in your ecosystem is connected to active prospects and new opportunities.

Also available to our data feed clients is our complementary email sync for Snowflake. Combine the email sync, this native app, and the Equilar data feed to discover relationships through enterprise email contacts. These datasets are the basis for the Equilar Connection Cloud.

Expected Workflow:
– Consumer enables Equilar matching APIs by setting the FIREWALL_CONFIGURATION property on the shared database
– Consumer provides person and/or organization input data for matching to Equilar profiles by populating a queue table
– A stored procedure within the native app, preferably called by a scheduled Snowflake task, processes the queue
– Equilar API responses are returned as result columns in the queue table
– The resulting person and organization IDs enable consumers to join their datasets to Equilar’s data feed, provided under separate Snowflake listings

Please refer to the sample SQL queries below, along with the linked user documentation, for examples of the workflow.

About the Provider:

Equilar is the leading provider of business intelligence and corporate leadership data solutions. Companies of all sizes, including 70% of the Fortune 500, rely on Equilar’s data for insights around executive talent and relationships. Equilar’s data-driven solutions help corporate leaders and advisors accelerate sales and business development activities by identifying paths to new opportunities and tracking real-time executive appointments and departures.

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