Equilar: Executive & Director Relationships

The corporate connections and professional network of the world's business leaders


Over 20 years of data at your fingertips. Equilar calculates relationships between individuals using public and proprietary knowledge of overlapping executive and director work history and other professional experiences. Connect your contacts to the World’s Most Connected Network and discover new business opportunities.

Samples/Tables Included:
– Person Connections
– Connection Path Details

Fields Included:
– First Degree Connections
– Type of Relationship
– Shared Organizations
– Dates of Overlap

Example Use Case:
Connect intelligently with your top prospects. Close more business by connecting with executives and decision makers through the power of your network. Map out the reach of your contacts and utilize warm introductions to gain an edge and accelerate your business development.

About the Provider:

Equilar is the leading provider of business intelligence and corporate leadership data solutions. Companies of all sizes, including 70% of the Fortune 500, rely on Equilar’s data for insights around executive talent and relationships. Equilar’s data-driven solutions help corporate leaders and advisors accelerate sales and business development activities by identifying paths to new opportunities and tracking real-time executive appointments and departures.

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