Equifax: Spending Power™ (Demo/Sample)

Sample data of modeled dollar amount of what a household likely has to spend on discretionary items


The Spending Power™ Free Dataset is a sample of 100 rows that represents the full dataset in terms of data types, organization, and fields. Please note that this is not real production data, subscribe to Spending Power™ full version to get 100% production data.

Spending Power™ is a modeled dollar estimate of what a household likely has available to spend, save, or invest after accounting for the fixed expenses of life (shelter, utilities, insurance, fixed transportation, and healthcare expenses). Unlike other behavioral-based indicators, Spending Power™ is derived from measured data and provides a high upper limit actual dollar value.

Spending Power™ differentiates spending capacity across households with similar demographic and financial profiles. It provides a continuous measure up to $1.2MM per household and delivers ground counts of households by spending tiers for market-level geographies as low as Census Block Group.

Fields Included:
– ZIP Code
– ZIP+4 Code
– DPC (Delivery Point Code)
– Spending Power Dollar Estimate

Disclaimer: The information in this data set is fictitious, should be treated as such, and should be used only for testing purposes. Information in the data set does not represent any known business or consumer.

About the Provider:

Equifax believes knowledge drives progress. We blend unique data, analytics, and technology with a passion for serving customers globally, to create insights that power decisions to move people forward. We offer data and solutions across the customer journey, enabling business customers to discover market opportunities and trends, acquire and manage customers, and optimize recovery efforts.

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