Equifax: Economic Cohorts (Demo/Sample)

An advanced consumer segmentation system based on household economic profiles and tendencies(sample data only)


The Economic Cohorts Free Dataset is a sample of 100 rows that represents the full dataset in terms of data types, organization, and fields. Please note that this is not real production data, subscribe to Economic Cohorts full version to get 100% production data.

Economics are at the heart of every household purchase decision. Income, credit capacity, spending power and other financial measures play a significant role in consumer behavior. Economic Cohorts is a household-level marketing segmentation system that helps marketers better understand and communicate more relevant consumer offers by providing additional insights into likely economic capacity, behaviors and demographics of target households. It enables marketers to answer questions such as:

How can I determine the product preference and household economics that drive the spending decisions of my prospects and customers?
How can I best combine my customer data with household economics data to improve my marketing ROI?

Economic Cohorts is the first segmentation system to provide marketers a complete picture of the customer wallet in combination with all of the key demographic, behavioral and lifestyle attributes you expect from a first-class consumer segmentation system. It classifies all U.S. households into one of 71 different household types called “clusters” or “segments” based on a multi-dimensional framework including:

Economic capacity — estimated income, spending, credit capacity and usage, and ability to pay
Behaviors and characteristics — lifestyles, media, channels, age, demographics, psychographics, home ownership, and urbanicity

Economic Cohorts is built on a foundation of proprietary economic data derived from multiple sources, including the Equifax proprietary database of consumer investable assets, whereas other segmentation solutions rely on survey and/or Census-based data as the primary driver of their clustering methodology. Equifax Economic Insights data also more accurately identifies affluent households.

Economic Cohorts can be bundled with our other financial capacity measures such as Ability to Pay Index™, Income360, Affluence Index™, Spending Power™, CreditStyles Pro, and Financial Durability Index to provide an even more granular view of household financial health and resilience.

Fields Included:
Cluster name, code and description

The Economic Cohorts user guide provides profiles for all 71 clusters. Each profile includes: cluster name and code; cluster description; percent of U.S. households; indicators for lifestage, income, spending and credit; demographic summary and details; economic summary (median income, median discretionary spending, % spending/income, credit utilization, ability to pay, home ownership); geographic summary; leisure and interests (hobbies and activities); media (preferences, tv, internet); attitudes (financial, auto, buying, health, interests, tech, travel, ads); lifestyle (auto, entertainment, buying, travel). The user guide will be provided upon product subscription.

Disclaimer: The information in this data set is fictitious, should be treated as such, and should be used only for testing purposes. Information in the data set does not represent any known business or consumer.

About the Provider:

Equifax believes knowledge drives progress. We blend unique data, analytics, and technology with a passion for serving customers globally, to create insights that power decisions to move people forward. We offer data and solutions across the customer journey, enabling business customers to discover market opportunities and trends, acquire and manage customers, and optimize recovery efforts.

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