Equifax: B2bConnect™ – Business Firmographics

More than 127M US and international businesses that can be segmented by industry, revenue, geography and more


B2bConnect™ offers demographic and firmographic information on more than 127 million global business locations of which 56 million are within the U.S. Derived from over 160 data sources, this dynamic dataset provides a comprehensive view of your commercial customers, prospects and suppliers. As a super aggregator, Equifax aggregates, compiles and originates high quality business data.

Marketers use the data for more precise segmentation and targeting by analyzing existing portfolios to optimize marketing spend and boost response rates. Database managers use the data for keying and linking disparate databases to create a single source of truth, including corporate hierarchy relationships, which can lead to productivity gains across departments.

B2bConnect™ is available as a full file or as the predefined datasets listed below. If your data needs differ from what is described here, please contact us to discuss further.

Top US Businesses:
– A list of top 20,000 US businesses by revenue
– A list of top 10,000 US businesses by revenue
Businesses by Revenue:
– A list of US businesses with revenue between $1M and $2.5M
– A list of US businesses with revenue between $2.5M and $5M
– A list of US businesses with revenue between $5M and $10M
– A list of US businesses with revenue between $10M and $20M
– A list of US businesses with revenue between $20M and $50M
– A list of US businesses with revenue between $50M and $100M
Businesses by Industry:
– A list of US Clothing Stores
– A list of US Office Administrative Services
– A list of US Full Service Restaurants
– A list of US Credit Unions
– A list of US General Automotive Repair businesses
– A list of US Computer Programming, Data Processing and Other Related Computer Services

Subset of Fields Included:
– Business demographics: business name, address, latitude/longitude, city, state, MSA, country
– Industry designation: primary and secondary SIC and NAICS codes
– Contacts: contact names, titles, email addresses, business phone (tele-verified)
– Corporate linkage: legal or affiliate/franchise
– Risk Indicators: foreign owned, business failure rate, credit risk score along with reason codes, out of business indicator
– Firmographics: number of local and corporate employees and revenue, year started, etc.
– Socioeconomic: diverse ownership, various government designations

The B2bConnect™ data dictionary can be downloaded from here: https://assets.equifax.com/mkt-legal/B2BConnect_Layout_DaaS.xlsx

About the Provider:

Equifax believes knowledge drives progress. We blend unique data, analytics, and technology with a passion for serving customers globally, to create insights that power decisions to move people forward. We offer data and solutions across the customer journey, enabling business customers to discover market opportunities and trends, acquire and manage customers, and optimize recovery efforts.

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