Equifax: Affluence Index™

Household-level continuous scoring system; ranks estimated consumer capacity to spend, save or invest


Affluence Index™ is a household-level continuous scoring system that measures and ranks estimated consumer spending power, so marketers can better segment, differentiate, and target customers and prospects with the likely capacity to spend, save or invest.

Affluence Index™ can more accurately predict spending because it incorporates wealth information derived from multiple sources, including summary factors produced from our proprietary database of consumer investable assets.

It provides a household-level continuous score ranging from 1 to 1000, with a rating of 1000 representing the highest estimated level of spending power. Scores can be appended to any customer or prospect file to help identify and target new customers and prospects by their spending potential.

Affluence Index™ can be bundled with other financial capacity measures such as Income360®, Ability to Pay Index™, or Spending Power™ to provide an even more granular view of household disposable income.

Fields Included:
– ZIP Code
– ZIP+4 Code
– Affluence Index Score

About the Provider:

Equifax believes knowledge drives progress. We blend unique data, analytics, and technology with a passion for serving customers globally, to create insights that power decisions to move people forward. We offer data and solutions across the customer journey, enabling business customers to discover market opportunities and trends, acquire and manage customers, and optimize recovery efforts.

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