Epsilon: Consumer Data Insights – Platinum

US Consumer household data including demographic, financial, lifestyle, and non-cash transactional data.


Purchase data is the best predictor of future buying behavior and used to drive acquisition and retention campaigns for marketers across the globe. Epsilon is the industry leader in transactional data used for marketing and Epsilon’s Consumer Data Insights – Platinum includes spending behavior at the Category, Sub-Category, and Brand level on over 1,000 specific merchants in addition to our Premium data.

This highly predictive purchase data is sourced from non-cash transaction data exclusively available through Epsilon and is available across key industries. Data is aggregated at the neighborhood ZIP+4 level to allow for detailed analysis at the most discreet level of geography. Use this data for smarter market segmentation, target audience definition, modeling and business portfolio analysis.

This dataset is available for a 12-month license at $100,000.

This robust dataset includes the Consumer Data Insights Premium data plus the following transactional data:
– Encompasses 20 Billion transactions and $1.2 Trillion in non-cash consumer transactions across key industries.
– Aggregated across 12 months by geography and reported at the overall, category (11), sub-category (68), and merchant levels (1,000+ merchants).

Transactional Data – Category Data (11 Categories):
– Automotive
– Communications Service Providers
– Education
– Entertainment
– Financial Services
– Food-Convenience-Drug Store
– Other Retail
– Retail
– Restaurant
– Services
– Travel

Sub-Category Data (68 Sub-Categories):

Merchant-Level Data (1,000+ Merchants):

1,000+ merchants in the US Market. Contact us for more information on specific brands.
Consumer Data Insights – Platinum data is not available for use by any financial services related organizations.

About the Provider

We’ve spent decades building our data assets and making strategic acquisitions to strengthen our offerings. We manage the industry’s top-ranked consumer database, with coverage of every marketable U.S. household. And we continue to optimize our customer analytics offerings through ongoing curation and development.

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