Environics Analytics: Census Data

North American Demographic, Wealth and Household Spending Data


This Data Exchange Share provides access to core Environics Analytics data products for Canada and the US at the CMA and CBSA levels respectively.

For the US we have provide selected variables from our most recent vintage of Consumer Buying Power (CBP) and Retail Market Power (RMP). A standard geographic hierarchy table is also provided to allow for simple geographic aggregations.

Selected variables from our most recent vintages of PRIZM, DemoStats, DemoStats Trends, WealthScapes and HouseholdSpend products are provided for Canada. Additionally, our CensusPlus 2016 product is provided with full detail – both geographic and variable details. Similar to the US a standard geographic hierarchy is provided to allow for simple geographic aggregations.

About the Provider:

We are one of North America’s leading data, analytics and marketing services companies. We serve a broad range of private, not-for-profit, and public sector institutions. Our industry expertise and sector depth is surpassed only by our exceptional client service.

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