ene’t GmbH: Marktdaten Netznutzung Strom / Electricity Network Usage

Electricity Network Usage across Germany


In order to be able to work efficiently in the day-to-day business of network registrations, research on network charges and the corresponding contacts, a view of the master data in relation to grid operators and their market data is essential.

The daily updated energy market data of grid operators offer the possibility to determine the exact costs for electrical energy, electrical output and basic prices as well as metering prices for the areas SLP and RLM for each location in an energy grid.

This database included all grid tariffs of all German electricity grid operators in all voltage levels (high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage).

Transparency in the electricity market is essential for compliance with legal requirements. The rise in energy suppliers and switching processes is increasing the importance of the communication between the market roles of supplier, grid operator, metering service provider and meter operator. The database provides the basic information for communication between the various players.

Concession fees and legal costs are also available.

tables included:
– grid operator
– grid costs
– grids
– meters
– region details (down to street and house number)
– + many more

fields included:
– IDs
– grid operator name
– market roles
– Association code numbers
– timestamp
– + many more

About the Provider:

With its founding headquarters in Hückelhoven in the Lower Rhine region and another location in Torgau near Leipzig, ene’t GmbH is an independent digitalisation and service expert for the German energy industry.

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