ene’t GmbH: Marktdaten Endkundentarife / Market Data End Customer Tariffs

End Customer Electricity and Gas Tariffs for Germany


In order to be able to offer competitive electricity and gas tariffs, detailed market knowledge is indispensable. The daily updated ene’t market data on retail tariffs makes it possible to analyse exact prices and achievable margins in the specific competitive environment for every market location in Germany. In the calculation of offers, the market data enables a direct comparison with the incumbent basic supplier as well as the determination of the position in relation to existing special tariffs. The market data facilitates the daily sales business and increases your process efficiency.
The database enables the user to see individual price components in order to compare his costs with other tariff data.

tables included:
– surcharge
– energy mix
– contact details
– energy type
– region details (down to street and house number)
– + many more

fields included:
– IDs
– energy mix ID
– market roles
– timestamp
– + many more

About the Provider:

With its founding headquarters in Hückelhoven in the Lower Rhine region and another location in Torgau near Leipzig, ene’t GmbH is an independent digitalisation and service expert for the German energy industry.

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